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Crostata Di Marmellata

May 19th, 2011
Crostata di Marmellata

Italian Crostata is a type of tart made with a lightly sweetened pastry dough called pasta frolla. There are numerous forms of this pastry, which can be filled with an endless variety of seasonal fruits and custards, but the jam-filled variety is perhaps the most ubiquitous. Typical jams used for this are prune, amarena (sour cherry), and apricot, but any good quality jam – or mixture of jams – can be used. For the pictures at right, blueberry and apricot jams were used. With a


La Romita, Ball State University, and the Dee Levin Scholarship

May 18th, 2011

For over a decade, Indiana’s Ball State University hosting workshops at La Romita for art students. These sessions provide an excellent opportunity for artists who are just beginning their exploration to experience the cultural and artistic richness Italy offers. In 2010 La Romita received a generous donation from the estate of Dee Levin, a frequent participant and missed friend of the School. We have used that donation to establish a scholarship fund in part to help students like the ones in the Ball State program


Tante Belle Cose

May 18th, 2011

2011 -the new season has begun! The first group this year hails mainly from Arkansas, following the amazing Barry Thomas, a former Razorback football star, now one of the most popular painters of the new west.  His paintings are riots of action and color.  When he sets up demos in our quiet little hill towns, a crowd always gathers to watch his flamboyant techniques.  The conversations around the dinner table are interesting and urbane—with quite a few good personal Bill Clinton anecdotes. A visit from


The Honey Bees

May 16th, 2011

I had the extreme fortune to make it to La Romita before the start of the 2011 season – I say “fortune” because there’s something magical about seeing our amazing staff get everything ready for opening day. Flowers come out, windows are thrown open, the beds are made, and in general La Romita puts on her best dress and prepares to welcome new guests and old friends alike. This year there was an added twist to the usual preparations – it seems that a colony