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A Harvest Moon – by Katherine Brimberry

October 25th, 2011
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Last week in Austin, Texas when the Hunter’s Moon lit up my backyard, I was reminded of the previous full moon, twenty-eight days before, seen from the courtyard of La Romita, an artists’ retreat and school located near Terni, Italy in the heart of Umbria.  It was a glorious, Italian “Harvest Moon” and it kept me awake with its brightness lighting the olive grove around the quiet studio that night. It was a beautiful place to be and to make art.  For two weeks, La


Pollo al Tartufo

October 24th, 2011
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It is a bit disappointing that by the time mid-October rolls around, La Romita has usually closed her doors for the year. Disappointing because some amazing Umbrian delicacies come into season in fall, chief among these the black truffles of Norcia. Truffles are the “fruit” of a fungus that grows on the roots of forest trees, particularly oak and hazelnut.  Up the Valnerina (Valley of the Nera River) to the northeast of Terni,  three rivers pass through forests of these trees around the town of


Edmund’s 2011 Wrap-Up

October 23rd, 2011

…and now…the season windup.  Charlotte Attebery, a longtime La Romita teacher / friend, and her group of Californians left on October 4th and we began the process of closing up the convent for the winter.  Hatches are battened, gates are closed, and gear is stored as the winds from the Apennine Mountains take on a bit of a bite.  Each year we watch the sunset as it travels day by day across the “Conca Ternana”, (as the bowl-shaped valley of Terni is known).  In mid-summer