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Cucina Italiana – Zuppa Inglese

June 11th, 2012

Zuppa Inglese This is one of the classic, home-made desserts you might be served if invited over for pranzo (lunch) or dinner in many parts of Italy: a bit more refined than a simple crostata, but not as complicated (or expensive) as tiramisu’.  Think of it as equivalent, on the elegance scale, to a home-baked pie —  and, like a pie, Zuppa Inglese can be endlessly refined and tweaked subject to one’s taste and fancy. It is also a popular gelato flavor. Wikipedia reports that


La Romita Starts 2012 with a Burst of Color!

June 10th, 2012

Spring is here and La Romita is in full swing; mild temperatures and some afternoon showers have the entire region verdant and blooming.  The red poppies are virtually everywhere, lining the roads and filling the spaces among the olive trees.  From the golden poppies of California to crimson trails of Umbria, my springtime migration leads me to the soft light of the Mediterranean sun, the many ages of human accomplishment, artistic and architectural, and to the warmth of the Italian people…my friends and colleagues and