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2014: A Season of Superlatives

December 12th, 2013
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I guess I use a lot of superlatives when talking about La Romita, but there are so many amazing people involved in each season, I really hope it doesn’t sound like I’m bragging. The line-up of instructors this year reads like a Who’s Who of professors and workshop leaders. Starting with Ken O’Connell (5 – 19 September), Professor Emeritus and long-time head of the art department at the University of Oregon, each teacher is well-known for their own art, their own pedigree, but also for


Travel and Art – by Carol Cooper

December 11th, 2013
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Artist Carol Cooper

Travel is a chance to vacate one’s current life temporarily in exchange for some new routine.  We align ourselves with the loveliness and simplicity of living with less and the freedom that brings.  Travel to a beautiful place with the intent to paint adds a whole new level of awareness to the experience.  When we paint, draw, or create in some way while on a trip, we opt for a deeper experience I call “insight-seeing”.  La Romita affords us the opportunity to focus on the