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Daryl Urig – Read his Article in Leisure Painter!

June 14th, 2014
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Daryl Urig

Award-winning artist Daryl Urig’s article “How to Paint with a Knife- A Beginner’s Guide“  was recently published in Painter’s Online, the website for Leisure Painter and The Artist magazines.  This step-by-step guide to applying oil paint to canvas and manipulating it with a knife includes many pictures and practical tips – for example, Daryl doesn’t just show you how to do this, he explains subtleties such as the proper consistency of the paint during different stages of the process, the best angle at which to hold



June 13th, 2014
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Italy is an idea, an image, a lifestyle.  Italy is art and Italy is architecture…innovations and experiments.  It has also been defined by conflict and by plague.  Italy is a sum of its past and its present, of its conquests and its defeats…of dreams that span millennia.  People are drawn to Italy for its monuments, for the achievements of human endeavor. But what strikes me year after year as I return to il bel paese, is something that seems so small in comparison to the