The Italian Intensive III : The Painterly Print

with Brimberry & Davidoff  

Brimberry - Print
The Italian Intensive III will introduce a new non-toxic drypoint technique created with illustration board and non-toxic, water soluble inks. Artists at all levels, experienced or not with printmaking, will find this new technique easy to master.
The Italian Intensive III will give you the opportunity to expand your creative vocabulary plus visit Umbrian hill towns to experience the best of Italy!  Class fee includes room, all meals, transportation to and from Rome and numerous excursions throughout Umbria.

As Katherine and Suzi write:

We believe that with these experiences each student will expand their creative vocabulary and also learn to work more in a more direct and spontaneous fashion as well as learning to embrace the unexpected.”

Suzi and Katherine expect that the students will be able to successfully create a small body of finished monotypes at La Romita and also create plates that can be used for printing in the future.  Most importantly, the students will be able carry some the creative concepts and approaches into their own art practice.

The Master Printer - Printmaking


For additional information you can visit Flatbed Press’ web page for the Italian Intensive III.


2.SD_cropSuzi Davidoff

Suzi Davidoff is an artist based in the Chihuahuan desert of west Texas, creating drawings, paintings, prints and collaborative installations that explore themes of structure and perception in the natural world. Her work has been exhibited in galleries and museums across the United States. BEAUTY.CHAOS, a collaborative book project, was part of the 20th Anniversary Exhibition at the National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington, DC in 2006. The Galveston Arts Center featured her work in a two- person exhibition, SECOND NATURE in 2007. Zane Bennett Contemporary Art, Santa Fe, NM presented solo exhibitions in August 2008 and April 2010. Flatbed Press, Austin, TX, featured a solo exhibition of new monotypes in April 2009. In summer of 2009 she was awarded a Fiskars Artist’s Residency in Finland.


01_Katherine_BrimberryKatherine Brimberry

In 1989 Katherine Brimberry co-founded Flatbed Press, a publishing workshop for fine art prints in Austin, Texas. As an artist her primary medium has been intaglio printmaking, and she has exhibited her work widely. Her prints have been collected by private collectors and museums internationally. As Master Printer and director of Flatbed Press she is directly responsible for the artistic and technical development of all Flatbed projects and has collaborated with artists for over three hundred Flatbed projects. Flatbed is well known for their commitment to their artists in helping them created etchings, monotypes, lithographs and relief fine art prints.

Brimberry specializes in intaglio techniques. Her own works uses both copper etching techniques and polymer gravure plates, sometimes known as Solarplates. Dan Welden, who developed the use of this matrix, recognizes her as one of the Solarplate experts. In 2010, she led a group to La Romita to work with Solarplates and water-based, non-toxic inks. Her art practice includes working with large groups on collaborative work

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Workshop At-A-Glance

Brimberry & Davidoff
Aug 18 - Sep 1
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