Sketching with Ken O’Connell

with Ken O'Connell  


About the Workshop:  Sketching with Ken is an adventure in seeing the world with fresh eyes. You will learn to work portably, quickly, and with an eye towards capturing fragments of wonderful experiences. The sketchbook is your portable studio and your portable history. The spirit of the rough sketch is to see simply and to learn to draw and color that vision. You learn to see by sketching, and fragments become dream catchers for whole experiences.

Artists throughout history have used sketchbooks to make notes and work out drawing problems for their work in other media. Today we bring the combined benefits of sketchbooks with journals, notebooks, scrapbooks, and practice a regular use of the sketchbook so it becomes a KOConnell-sketch-2015_02companion and partner in our basic connection to experience. Japanese research scientists have shown the stress reduction and anti-aging quality of sketching and coloring. More of the brain’s circulation is used during these activities: a simple sketch involves you using your eyes to send messages to your brain that then sends messages to your muscles and then back to your eyes and then back to your brain. It forms a learning loop that develops the mind and the person’s confidence throughout the process.

Ken O'Connell

About the Teacher:  Ken O’Connell is an artist and Professor Emeritus of Art at the University of Oregon, where he was also head of the department of Fine Arts.  He is now working on his own Sketchbook number 84…evidence of and testimony to a life in art.  Find out more in this article in Oregon’s largest daily:


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Ken O'Connell
Sep 21 - Oct 5
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