Umbria: A Place Evokes Expression

with Laurie Doctor  

Laurie Doctor Watercolor

Each morning brings a new adventure, as we head out in our van to a nearby Umbrian village. This two week class is centered on investigating the place we are in through words, pattern and image, and is tailored to the interests of the group. Local Italian food, wine, travel to nearby villages, housing at an historic Capuchin monastery and the class are all included.

On these excursions students either have a session with me: sketching, writing, watercolor– or you can choose to wander: there are linens, pottery, cafes and lovely unexpected discoveries. We have seen the paper maker, the bell maker, local artists, galleries and musicians. It’s lovely to be returning to this place!

Most afternoons we return for lunch at the monastery, and to the workshop space in the chapel for questions, critique and further investigations.

The materials list is simple and will fit in a carry-on.

Come with us for two weeks of making art, living the Italian way. Come back home full of life! All levels of experience are welcome.

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Laurie Doctor

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Laurie Doctor
Sep 4 - Sep 18
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