Painting the Italian Landscape: : Beyond Green

with Nina Weiss  

Nina Weiss Portsmouth Oil Painting

This landscape Workshop with Nina Weiss is a wonderful opportunity for students to immerse themselves in the study of the classically beautiful Italian landscape with the instruction of a knowledgeable, accomplished, and passionate teacher.

Designed for artists and art lovers at all artistic levels, this workshop allows students working in various mediums an intensive exploration of the romantic Italian landscapes of Umbria. Working plein-aire, students will learn to extract their visions from these rich landscapes through sketches, drawing, painting, and photographic reference, putting together high-impact paintings using color theory and composition. Color theory will be used to move “beyond green” into expressive landscapes with strong, effective compositions. Students will learn how artists from various art movements – such as the Impressionists, Fauves, and Expressionists – thought about and used color.

In the field, students will learn to recognize and capture elements of the landscape and how to distill these crucial elements into drawings. Studies will begin with black and white compositional exercises and progress to tonal studies of basic landscape forms. Use of color will then be introduced, including an overview of color theory. Emphasis will be on composition, gesture, technique, and complex color development. The group will meet in the studio for slide lectures, group critique, and studio work. Students will receive focused and individual instruction and attention.


European Landscape Workshop With Nina Weiss-2267

European Landscape Workshop With Nina Weiss

I believe that the strongest art you can produce comes from hard work and honesty; inspired by what is most personal and important to you. A good artist studies the formal aspects of their medium; then allows their own vision to infuse the work.

Nina has been teaching since 1986, holding positions at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, South Suburban Community College; and currently Columbia College Chicago. She has taught summer workshops in Europe for 15 years.  You can find more about Nina on her Facebook page, Pinterest, and at her website,

You can get primed for the workshop with Nina’s class on Craftsy, Painting With Water-Based Media!
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Nina Weiss
Jun 23 - July 7
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