The Multiple Facets of Photography

with Stuart Schwartz  

Schwartz photography

This workshop is specifically designed for photographers who want to explore multiple facets of photography—landscape, documentary, food, still life, and portraiture—in a new and inspiring location.

This is a unique opportunity to use all of your talents in photography to capture and document the slow-paced life of the artisans of the area like vintners, cheese makers, olive growers, pasta makers, and the restaurants and boutiques they supply. We’ll be photographing the local residents—not models—and you’re sure to find some fantastic faces to portray.

The landscapes in Umbria are as unique as the architecture and we’ll tour the region with local residents as our guides. We’ll travel off the beaten track to view and photograph the flora and fauna most beloved by Umbria’s colorful inhabitants.

Stuart Schwartz

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Stuart has been a professional photographer for over 40 years and founded The Image Flow, a Photographic Learning Center 8 years ago. He believes in simplicity, “less is more”, and takes a direct approach to photographic challenges.




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Stuart Schwartz
Jul 27 - Aug 6
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