Your Story, Your Self

with Kate Marillat & April Bosshard  


“Your story lives in your heart and mind before it lives on the page and in the hearts and minds of readers.”

The journey any writer takes to complete a manuscript is full of challenges related to craft as well as emotional ups and downs.

What writer hasn’t encountered bouts of procrastination, resistance, and doubt, along with fears of criticism, failure, and success? What writer hasn’t struggled with structuring their story, developing a lively and engaging plot, and coming up with characters who can feel like your best friend or worst enemy? What writer hasn’t felt that some of these challenges pose such intense blocks that they realize they might not ever complete their manuscript?

Kate Marillat and April Bosshard have combined their expertise to help you overcome your emotional writing blocks and develop the practical skills you need to craft and complete compelling stories. Together they will help you remove the seemingly insurmountable barriers between you and your finished project.

“There are so many writing courses out there telling you ‘how to write’. We believe you know how to do that already!

We also believe that the majority of writers face two main blocks when attempting to complete their work in progress:

Most writers carry around many unhelpful beliefs about themselves and their writing that get in the way of doing what needs to be done to finish a project.

And many writers struggle with organizing and structuring their stories around strongly developed plots and characters that will keep readers engaged and turning pages.

We believe that mastery of self and story is key becoming the writer you want to be.

Mastering the elements of story structure and character development will give you the necessary practical tools you need to get your work done; and mastering your own emotions and beliefs—the positive and the negative—will give you the confidence to see your work through to completion.

Inner work plus outer action is the foundation of authentic creative expression.

Whether you’re writing a novel, screenplay, memoir, or other creative non-fiction book, we will help you master the skills you need to reach your goals.”

Kate is a best-selling writer and EFT (emotional freedom technique) trainer who has helped hundreds of people overcome their creative blocks. April is a writer and story coach who has helped many novelists, screenwriters, and memoirists master story structure and character development. Combining their areas of expertise and passion, Kate and April give you all the tools you need to be a confident, productive, and ready-for-success writer.


In this 10 day workshop you will:

  • Practice EFT “tapping” techniques that will help you break through the feelings and beliefs that interrupt your ability to write with focus and joy.
  • Learn story structure and character development strategies that will provide limitless answers to the story-creating quandary: “what comes next?”
  • Develop a holistic approach to your writing process that will increase your confidence and productivity.

In addition you will:

  • Eat delicious meals
  • Hang out with like-minded creators
  • Enjoy side trips to nearby Italian villages
  • Write a lot
  • Benefit from private sessions with both Kate and April
  • Create a project plan for your return home

Join us for 10 days in Italy to focus deeply on your self and your story.

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Kate Marillat & April Bosshard
Sep 21 - Oct 1
$2990 before 02/28/18 $3199 after
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