Textures of Italy

with Debra Bonsack  


Umbria is known for its stone pavers, pealing painted doors, laundry hanging of ornate windows vas landscapes and classical antique architecture. What better way to express these beautiful textures than with that of GOLDEN acrylic paint texture mediums and a professional trained to show you how!

Artist/ teacher, Debra Bonsack gave herself the gift of La Romita School of Art 20 years ago, took the vision and ran with it. She has been showing her textural paintings all over the world and paying her way with her success.

Now Bonsack offers you a chance to give yourself this gift. GOLDEN Artist Colors has spent a week of their time and $ teaching this accomplished artist all their latest mediums to create texture. She is willing to share her secrets and her Golden paint experience with you in this beautiful setting.

We will travel to a different village or location daily, sketching and photographing to soak in the space. You are invited to Plein air paint on location or take your studies back to the studio to develop texture. After dinner Artists will be meeting in the Studio to critique, share our finds, and learn new textures. Artists can work there as long as they want developing their studies. Paint, eat, paint! What else is there! “The best thing I ever did for myself.”

A favorite quote of mine, by Louis Nizer:

He who works with his hands is a laborer.
He who works with his hands and his head is a craftsman.
He who works with his hands and his head and his heart is an artist.

Because I so believe in this and I teach in all mediums, I encourage artists to invent their own techniques or simply work with the classics. Be warned, you will not be able to complete this workshop without seeing a change in your style, methods and techniques.

D. BonsackDebra Bonsack specializes in textural Acrylic. This method of painting has produced several hundred pieces in the past fifteen years of her career. The medium is fluid like watercolor yet thick like palette knife oil painting. This unique technique has become her signiture work. The artist has experienced great success from this self developed formula and it was not until recently she has chosen to teach this method. In addition to the unique medium, Bonsack’s subjects have taken on a fresh look. Her large series entitled “ My Happy Place”, captures the sweetness in life that is seen through the innocence of a child.


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Debra Bonsack
Sep 21 - Oct 1
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