Impressions of Umbria (2018)

with Vladislav Yeliseyev  


What is required to quit tight illustrative coloring which is a trademark of beginners and start painting like a pro? All of this and many other techniques will be the subject of this workshop.

Like Vladislav says “nobody wants to buy my cellphone photographs despite the wealth of detail and accurate colors”. You are going to learn how to mix and apply watercolors without fear of being inaccurate. Vlad will show you the shortcuts to the path when every brushstroke applied is significant in its impact on the viewer. He will show you importance of focal target and therefore how to be selective in your painting process. Every painting is like a poetry, the less words wasted the more powerful message it conveys. On the technical side of things you will learn what the major steps involved in achieving powerful results and also specifics of the watercolor process approach where discipline is required and where it is better to give it up and flow with your inspiration.

Beginning: Participants will be practicing application techniques, learning about composition and light distribution on the objects around us. Above all skills levels in fine art the ability correctly see the composition and values will bring immediate and noticeable improvement to student’s artwork. To identify composition and focus of the painting and correctly implement it another important aspect of the sketch. Proportions and perspective adapted for landscape painting will be covered as well. Students will work on drawing paper with soft graphite pencils.

Continue: Work with monochromatic painting techniques is the focus of next exercises. Brushwork enhancing techniques for values expression will be explained and practiced. There will be lecture-demo explaining brushwork methods as well and light distribution specifics explained followed by student exercises on small size paper. Each day begins with demo explaining above methods. It will explain various stages in watercolor process using simple but effective subject matter.

Color mixing method will be explained followed by students exercise on quarter size paper followed by another demonstration. The focus will be working in full color taking special attention to the focal points in the painting making it work of fine art. Students work on quarter size paper working en plein air. It is the combination of everything the students learned in the previous days with the addition of artistic approach methods to make artwork utterly engaging. There will be special focus on loose brushwork techniques. Addition of finishing touches which serving the purpose of adding definition to all parts of the painting pulling it all together will be explained in detail.

The finish line: Starts with demo broken down on major fazes with students working in chapters under close teacher supervision. Working individually with each student is a priority at this stage. Work on half sheet paper to cement the knowledge and habits in a larger piece.

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About Vlad

Vlad Profile 2016 cropPainting outdoors with its ever changing conditions is my passion. I see my paintings as a testament to light. Capturing the underlying mood and telling the story based on subtle nuances of the scenery is my source of inspiration. Achieving limited brushwork preserving transparency and vibrancy of watercolor with color integrity of the painting as a whole is an ultimate goal in my paintings. Urban landscapes play a large part in my paintings as I was born and raised in the city. With its complex and vibrant atmosphere cities and towns hold vast amount of venues for me to explore and develop.

Vlad at RinglingI have been teaching drawing and watercolor painting classes regularly in Renaissance School of Art in Sarasota for 5 years. Before that I was teaching individual students on a private basis. Currently I am invited to teach various workshops for different art societies and private group of painters across the country, to judge the shows and competitions, and to do demonstrations of my techniques.

Awards and Achievements

  • Article and cover artist in Watercolor Artist Magazine, Feb. 2016
  • Article in Plein Air magazine, June- July 2017
  • Signature member of National Watercolor Society, American Impressionist Society and Florida Watercolor Society.
  • Best of Show Mount Maryland Plein Air 2016.
  • Best Architectural painting Olmstead Plein air 2017.
  • BoldBrush Award from FASO September 2015

You can see more awards at Vlad’s website at

Workshop At-A-Glance

Vladislav Yeliseyev
Jun 21 - Jul 5 2018
$3990 before 11/30/17 $4299 after
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