La Romita’s Cookbook

Palates & Palettes

We are pleased to announce that our new cookbook, Palates & Palettes - La Romita's Cookbook, is available for sale! 33 recipes representative of the Umbrian food served at our table each season, chosen for their popularity, authenticity, flavor, and variety. Proceeds from the sale of each book will go to our general fund, to assist with day to day expenses and upkeep.


A Video Introduction

La Romita’s Art Workshops in Italy

Aug 26th update: Earthquake

Since the horrible earthquake hit a few days ago, we have received many many emails inquiring about La Romita. Fortunately La Romita appears to be fine – no visible damage, and we’ll have an architect out to check the church in the next few days, just to be certain. Our friends and staff appear to all have escaped harm and damage, too.

However, the state of affairs is dire in many of the towns closer to the epicenters. If you would like to know more, you can follow this link to get Earthquake Updates and find out how to help

We are posting regularly to our Facebook page, and will be sending out a newsletter so we encourage you to friend us on the former and sign up for the latter.



Welcome and Benvenuti! For 50 years, La Romita School of Art has been bringing people to the Umbrian region of Central Italy to participate in its painting, culinary, and art workshops in Italy.

Our art workshops are intimate, unique, and informed by our decades-long experience in the region and in art workshop organization. Whether you are painting or sketching, taking a photograph of a beautiful mountain lake or remote hill-town, drinking espresso in a bar or watching an elderly Italian signora water the geraniums in her window garden, you will leave a La Romita workshop feeling as though you’ve seen the heart and soul of La Bella Italia.

If you are in search of a working art vacation, if you are passionate about Italy, if you want a painting holiday with a difference, then La Romita is waiting for you.